Encouraging Students to Court Tennis

Encouraging Students to Court Tennis

What Makes Life Worth Living ?

Love, Work, and Play.

It can be argued that these three activities make life worth living. Love includes friendships and family relationships as well as romantic ones. Work includes diverse productive activities such as community volunteering in addition to wage slavery. Play includes all forms of entertainment such as reading and watching movies, not just games. Surveys and other psychological studies indicate that love, work, and play do indeed enable people to have lives they value. Neuroscience provides a deeper understanding of how brain processes generate needs for relatedness, autonomy, and competence that can be satisfied by the successful pursuit of love, work, and play. Such satisfaction yields happiness, but even the pursuit is enough to give life meaning.

Title Description
Encouraging Students To Play Tennis Get a no-nonsense approach to what the game of Tennis is all about
Encouraging Students To Play Music A Community Website of Music and why we play music
Exchange / Barter / Interact / Get Results The Exchange of Ideas, Products and Services Website

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EQUITY Plus Trading International An automated trading system for individuals and businesses that do crypto trading.
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Institute for Cognitive Systems The Institute for Cognitive Systems deals with the fundamental understanding and creation of cognitive systems.

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